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I. Salve Frater Flagellum! Welcome to the Church of the Nocturnal Silence! I hope you are free of sins to enter our small liturgy. So go down on your knees and tell me: Your name is a sacrilege, isn’t it? When I first heard it, I thought about some dirty and fucked up death metal in the vein of Graveyard Ghoul, Repuked, Cryptic Brook and so on. Why have you chosen Fvneral Fvkk as the phelonion of your band? In my humble opinion it is way to harsh for your melancholic and beautiful music…

May God shed his genital blessings upon you, poor lost soul in search of answers. I shall give my best to grant you the insight you seek for your strange little coven. Partly, you already answered the question yourself. Our music is indeed melancholic and of some strange beauty, our message is clearly not. So we wanted that to be reflected in our name. It is like Christianity itself. Enter a cathedral, you will be amazed by the impressing beauty, listen to the choir and you feel touched by its haunting elegy. But look behind all the meaning of it and look at the priest in his dirty little private chambers, you will see there is stench and rot behind the facade. Thus, the name is appropriate. Also I should mention, that the very first song-sketches for the band were much rougher and more brutal. It took us a while to develop to that exact sound we do today.

II. As Fvneral Fvkk consists of all Ophis except for Steffen, complemented by Niko from Fäulnis, please confess: Is this only a fun project? Or let me express this question in another way: Why did you start another doom band next to Ophis? Weren’t you busy enough with your main chapels?

We felt we owed our holy lord a service. Our main bands dealt with such irrelevant topics such as politics, society, depression and suicide. But what is really important? The word of the lord! He demands depravity and abuse! We shall spread his word. And to answer more reliable: FVNERAL FVKK is a side project, but NOT a fun band. We take it seriously, especially the music. And we work on it with the same view on quality and the same blood as we do for our main bands. The only difference is, the other bands come first in priority when it comes to time and schedule. This means for example, that FF do not rehearse regularly, only for gigs or recording sessions. We only write stuff, when there is nothing to do with the other bands.

III. You all are guilty of bearing false witness! On the one hand you claim Fvneral Fvkk consisting of “members of Ophis, Fäulnis and Crimson Swan”. But you hide yourself behind pseudonyms. Okay, I understand that this is part of the concept behind your band. But does that mean that you will play in robes on stage as well?

Well, the pseudonyms do not hide much, as profane paparazzi like you have already discovered the ugly faces behind the even uglier masks, so the hiding effect is not that huge at all. Our appearance on stage remains to be seen, and I will not give away any details, but I guess it goes without saying that as ambassadors of the Chvrch of the Holy Fvkk, we can not enter the stage in t-shirts and slashed jeans, right?

IV. Let’s be honest: Heavy instrumentation, fragile clean vocals, religious topics with sexual hints and liturgical pseudonyms. Haven’t we heard a similar formula by Ghost yet? I don’t want to compare you to the Swedish pope-stars, because your music has more substance, deepness and heaviness. But weren’t there some comparisons yet?

Yes there were, and we totally do not understand that. I think that Ghost sucks ass, but that’s not the point. I think we are only compared to them because they are popular. Because I really do not see many similarities. Liturgical pseudonyms have been done by other bands too, also long before Ghost. Their music is so soft that it is rather rock than any metal related. And I think their image is much more over the top than ours. Also, lyrically there may be some minor parallels, but I think we have a pretty different approach. Do they have songs about pedophile priests? Then again, I never listen to this band, so what the heck. I do not mind being compared to other bands at all, but I really find that association with Ghost pretty disturbing.

Fvneral Fvkk - Band

V. As you said, religion, sexuality, perversion and bestiality isn’t a new topic in metal in general. Just take Pungent Stench. So why did you choose doom metal with those beautiful vocals to tell your stories? Was another doom band obvious because of your background in Ophis?

It had nothing to do with Ophis. In fact, I was very hesitant at first to play in another doom band, because I thought “what’s the point? If you invest a lot of work in another band, shouldn’t it be something else”? As I mentioned above, at its very beginning, Fvneral Fvkk was a lot more brutal and less doomy. So when Decanus Obscaenus suddenly turned up with rather epic doom fragments, I in fact considered leaving the band. But the music was too good to turn it down with the sole reason of playing in another doom band already. I really liked it, and I was compelled to work on that stuff. So we did. It turned out that Fvneral Fvkk is different enough for us. As with Ophis, the original intention behind the band was not an explicit wish to play Doom. It just came to be. Seems that the doom genre is haunting me, haha.

VI. One of my favorite quotes by a musician is: “I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things” (Tom Waits). Of corpse you can transfer it to the beauty in the dissonance as well as to bands like The Smiths. But for me this quote fits best on “Lecherous Liturgies”…

I can only agree absolutely.

VII. If I had to compare you - just musical - to any other band, the first two names that come to my mind are Woods Of Ypres for the melancholic atmosphere and 40 Watt Sun for the reduced yet effective presentation of your epic sound. What would you call your influences for Fvneral Fvkk?

40 Watt Sun or rather Warning can be mentioned, for sure. We do not reflect our influences very much, because the more you think about them, the less natural they inspire you. I do not really know what influences Decanus Obscaenus has, who writes the main chunks of the riffs, but other influences that formed the sound of FF are Candlemass, Solitude Aeternus (especially for our singer), Procession, Tristitia and such bands. Oh, and Michael Jackson of course, because no other musician was such a master of pedophilia.

Fvneral Fvkk - Nun

VIII. I know, these things take time. And a doom band works even slower than any other band. But relying on metal archives, you already exist since 2015. Were those three songs all material you have written yet? Or is “Lecherous Liturgies” just an appetizer for the things to come?

You might get the impression that the songs on “Lecherous Liturgies” were written recently, but that is not the case. The EP came out in july 2017, but it was recorded already in february 2016. It is actually pretty old. The record was mixed months later, and it also took a while to find labels to release the different formats at the same time. We got many offers from labels, but everyone wanted to make an album. But we wanted to start with an EP, so it really took that long to get it all together. So actually, these songs were recorded rather soon after the formation of the band, only released much later. We have new songs in progress, but keep in mind that although we really care for FF and work hard on it, Ophis and Fäulnis always have priority. And both bands did new albums in the meantime. So of course, work for FF is slower than usual indeed.

IX. Both “Erection In The House Of God” and “Underneath The Phelonion” are fantastic tracks. But somehow “Fvcking At Fvnerals” has this slightly different approach. It sounds more direct, even more rancid. And then there are guitar feedbacks, drones and even effects on the vocals. Was this one of the earlier songs Fvneral Fvkk has written?

No, the 3 tracks were all written in the same period, pretty much in one work flow. We just tried a different approach here and it came naturally. Maybe it also had to do with Cantor Cinaedicus. We had a different singer in the original line up but fired him during the process. Cinaedicus joined the band during this songwriting period, and he co-wrote this song with Obscaenus. I was involved with the other tracks, but not this one. So this might be one reason why it sounds different. And thanks for your praising the power of our erotic divine gospel!

X. On a 7” single there is not much space. So I understand that you put only two songs on it. But why haven’t you released “Fvcking At Fvnerals” on the tape edition of “Lecherous Liturgies”? And unfortunately the song wasn’t included in the download for my cassette. So it is a digital bonus only?

Business stuff. It happens. That’s the problem when you have to release the same record on 3 different labels. We had to license the material to all different formats separately, and every label had its own conditions and demands. So it ended up like that. I know that might be inconvenient to some. For this we apologize, but it is actually no one’s fault. It is just the way the business works sometimes.

XI. So many Fvnerals… By the way, do you know the band with the same name? It is somehow doom as well. But very different. More like Chelsea Wolfe, but also different, haha! Nevermind, I can recommend them when you like disturbing music with beautiful vocals!

Thou speakest in riddles, young acolyte. I know the norwegian Funeral, if you mean those. But I guess not, as you mentioned Chelsea Wolfe…

Well, you should check them out! Read my review and listen to the stream !

XII. You haven’t had any official output yet. But you published a review by Deaf Forever on your facebook page where your “promo ep” was discussed. Had you made this ep to promote your music to zines and labels? Or how did you manage to get your first official release done by three different labels on various formats?

Deaf Forever caught wind of this band, so they asked us if they could write a review of the EP. So we sent them an advance copy and they reviewed it. This “promo EP” is exactly the same EP we released now. We contacted many labels to see if there was any interest. Solitude Productions wanted to release an album, no EP. So they agreed only to a digital release. But for us it would have been not acceptable to just have a digital release, so we held back the release date until we found Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions to release the 7”. It was more or less a nice surprise that Lychanthropic Chants offered to do the tape version. Sure it is a bit confusing to have all formats on different labels, but what the heck. We will see where the album will come out.

Fvneral Fvkk - Logo XIII. On the very first drafts of you logo, it totally fits to an occult atmosphere. But on facebook you use an version with shades, 3d effect and gloss that reminds me more on a traditional speed metal or NWOBHM band. Why didn’t you keep a flattened version of this drawing?

I wish I knew. I did not deal with any of that stuff.

XIV. Scrolling through your facebook page, I find many other posts that made me think. There is this cover picture, on the first sight with an old painting of monks and a coffin where a dead guy resurrects. But as a detail there is a monk fucking a nun in the background. You promoted your ep with another image with a curvy yet sexy nun. You shared some shocking news of cardinals facing sexual assault charges. Or a ambiguous bill for reparations on a church as well as some memes and funny pictures. On the one had you maintain your main concept. But on the other hand you spread real criticism on the church as well as you make fun on religion. Is this trinity of humor, criticism and perversity our way of protest against the church and religion?

Yes, more or less. Fvneral Fvkk has some cynical, sarcastic tone to it, hence the making fun of religion, but we are not a joke band. This is criticism, and we take it serious. It is rather mockery than fun. You may laugh about the pics, but the laughter always feels a little bitter, as soon as you think about the fact, that there is actually so much truth behind the stories in our lyrics. These crooks are all such hypocrite swine. The church has fucked up so many people, caused severe sexual disorders and mental illnesses. Mental clinics are full of people who were raised by Catholics. Telling people that their natural drives are wrong and evil is as bad as claiming that certain races are inferior or something like that. Especially when you tell such things and then go out and rape kids. Sick fucks! But just ranting and pissing all over them as bands like Deicide and many others do, that is not our style. We rather mock them, be cynical about them.

XV. As you use quite explicit images on your facebook page, showing curvy sexy nuns and fucking monks, the artwork for “Lecherous Liturgies” is very well behaved. What was your intention when showing a funeral from above, the grave surrounded by umbrellas?

As you already mentioned, we have a very graphic image and use very drastic visuals here and there. With such antics, a band risks to get recognized for their image rather than the music. Look at GWAR, look at Slipknot, look at Ghost. People discuss these bands mainly because of their antics, but the music is spoken of more rarely. We did not want people to say “ah, they just had a sick artwork to get attention”. Yes, we have in-your-face pictures on Facebook. But we take the music seriously and it is our main focus. Music first, image second. That’s why we neglected any graphic “shock value” from the EP-artwork. We do not need provocation to sell records. The music is good enough to achieve that on its own. The internet-provocation is just because we want to. And we will keep it that way in the future as well.

Fvneral Fvkk - Lecherous Liturgies

XVI. Will Fvneral Fvkk every release a full album in near future? I think the topics religion and perversity offers enough material to fill several records… Do you have any plans or even finished songs yet?

We are working on material, and we plan to release a full-length next. Only unstable factor is that “near future” term… we have no idea when it will be finished and released. We are working on it, and we have the will to record the album in 2018 but it is hard to tell.

XVII. As I really enjoyed the contrasting vocals on “Lecherous Liturgies” I have to ask: Will Cantor Cinaedicus sing on the next Ophis album as well? Frankly, I really enjoy heavy and disturbing music interrupted by clean and fragile vocals. Just listen to Departé who did a great job combining black, death, post metal with growls, screams and beautiful clean singing….

I sometimes enjoy such a mixture myself too. But he will not sing on the next Ophis record. I don’t think there will ever be clean vocals on an Ophis album. Besides, he does not want to do it either. He does a mixture of clean voice and growls in another band called Voidhaven, though. But there is no release of that band yet, so we have to wait.

XVIII. In nomine patri, filii et spiritus sanctus. Our liturgy is over. Please get out your hymn-book and sing your last chants to my readers and your disciples.

The dirtier your bible, the cleaner your soul!!!

Fvneral Fvkk - Band