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Time Lurker

1. Ahoy Mick. Thank you for your time. It is really a pleasure to have you as an interview partner. Your self-titled compilation spend hours and hours of joy to me. Or maybe more precise: Hours of emotional journey. From escapism to this baneful trepidation to relief and katharsis. All of this although “Time Lurker” is not a real album with a consequent concept behind it. Or maybe I’m wrong and you already intended this coherent structur spanning over several releases?

Thanks to you for the interview, it is a great pleasure. To answer your question, I first have to explain how it all started. I started Time Lurker by composing EP1 and EP2 during the same period, therefore they fit sequentially: it was an album for me. At the beginning, before signing with Les Acteurs De L’Ombre, I did not wanted to release them at the same time. For the auto-produced digital format, I thought it was better to split the album in 2 EPs, by spacing out the releases, with different artworks. It all went quickly after the release of EP1 - by signing with LADLO, we decided to reunite the two EP in one, either in LP and CD format.

2. On your bandcamp profile you state “Time Lurker” as “Album is EP I and EP II”. I could not find any information on the ep “II” on the internet. So please tell me about this ominous ep “II”? Was it ever released physically?

Time Lurker - EP2

This is true, I did not do anything for EP2… In fact, it is in the album, with its own artwork (the one with an eye). I did not release it separately yet, I do not think that this is useful - everything is in the album. However, Malleus Records, who released EP1 on tape, wants to release EP2 separately… why not…

3. For “I” there was a tape via Mallevs Records, the track “Ethereal Hands” was released digital only. Information on both can be found on metal-archives.com. So assuming that you already released two eps both physically and digitally (assumption without knowledge about the answer on question 2.), why did you deceide to put out both eps again as a compilation? Was this your idea? Or have Les Acteurs de l’ombre and Monotonstudio Records asked you for it? I’m really happy about this release, otherwise I might not have get in touch with your music…

Well, as I said in the first two questions: I released EP1, then everything happended rapidly, I signed with LADLO and we decided it was better to [release them as one album instead of individual] EP1 and EP2.

4. Do you think the release of the “Time Lurker” compilation brought you a wider audience as you had before? Are you satisfied with the reactions of new fans and media yet?

There is a clearly a wider audience, of course, I can easily see that thanks to the promotion work done by LADLO. I am very satisfied with my news fans in the way that they all came from different style of Black Metal and they can, in a general way, notice my influences, etc… This is very gratifying.

5. Since I don’t have any information about your ep “II” (yet), your first ep “I” as well as the single song “Ethereal Hands” where both released in 2016. Just one year later, you put out the compilation, so there was not much time to put out 2 EPs. But since the beginning of Time Lurker in 2014 you already released about 50 minutes of music. That is impressive. Did you write all songs in advance of the release of “I” or was the ep “II” written after the release of your first output?

As said in question 1, both EP1 and EP2 was written at the same time - I just wanted to space out the releases, meanwhile I have signed with LADLO, this is why EP2 never came out seperatly.

6. Okay, you just released two eps and both of them again as a compilation. Are you currently working on a full-length album? Or are you more the guy for shorter releases, likes eps and maybe splits? Do you already have a band with whom you might want to do a split release? I could imagine that Paramnesia might be a good choice…

Paramnesia would indeed be my favorite choice… First of all because I personally know them since many years. However, this is not planned yet, we both have a tight schedule… For Time Lurker, I still don’t know - I do have some composition and lots of ideas, but I have a job that does not give me much spare time at the moment. We will have to wait…

Time Lurker - Time Lurker

7. Do you write your music with a clear concept? For me “Time Lurker” in total as well as the single bits of your eps form the image of a conceptual work. Like “Rupture” and “Judgement” building one unit, “Reborn” continuing the ideas of “Ethereal Hands” and introducing “No Way Out From Mankind”. Or like “Passage” is a prelude to “Whispering From Space” to me.

Well, I like to compose as if I was writing a scenario. That is why I prefer to work on my own, it gives more consistency. The entire album is indeed a story, with ups and downs, different phases, different emotions…
I wrote in a way that the album as to be listen from the beginning ‘till the end: For example, I think the „No Way Out From Mankind“ does not have the same impact if we do not listen to „Reborn“ before…

8. Unfortunately I have none of your lyrics at hand. “Rupture”, “Judgment” or “No Way Out From Mankind” might give a slight hint. And “Whispering From Space” is clearly inspired by the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft - at least for me. So could your roughly explain your lyrical concept to me?

The concept is quite blurry. For me, it is more about pure emotions fitting with different phases of my life. I can’t fit one emotion in one particular song, I want the song to evolve with me, echoing everything that is left to live. Same thing for the listener, I want them to feel the song, to see its own demons.
Generally speaking, I wanted to tackle issues as depression, misanthropy on philosophical or even cosmic ways…

9. For me all of your songs show a wide range of influences. Of course there is some more traditional black metal within your music. But I hear some elements from atmospheric or post-black metal as well as some moments of the newer interpretations like “blackgaze”. Especially in “Reborn”, “Ethereal Hands” or “Whispering From Space”. But you also use some moments taken from Ambient as well as there are some passages that remind me of the “Memoria Vetusta”-cycle by Blut Aus Nord.
Where do you see your influences and what was your motiv when creating Time Lurker?

I am by myself, I have no limits, this is really important for me. My influences are limitless, the difficulty was to keep a consistency - at the bottom of it all, I want to write what I would want to hear as a listener.

10. The French black metal scene offers a very exciting alternative to the prototypical Scandinavian interpretation of the genre. Most bands have this special twist and sound outstanding. Just to mention a few: Deathspell Omega, Aosoth, Way To End, The Great Old Ones, Blut Aus Nord or Paramnesia. So it seems that there are many creative people living in your country. What do you think makes Frances so outstanding in black metal?

This is hard to answer, I can’t talk for all the bands: first of all, I don’t think there is a will to be outstanding - anyway, this is not my choice. I could have played true black, death or something more traditional if I wanted to. I still listen to a lot of those, but this was not what I wanted to play.

11. Although there are many great bands in France, Time Lurker still acts as a one-piece-band. Don’t you find any musicians in your area? Or don’t you want any other influences or opinions in Time Lurker since you already have a fixed image on the overall sound, atmosphere and feeling of the band?

I had some small bands as a teenager, but nothing serious, mostly because of me. I feel not comfortable playing in a band. With Time Lurker, I just wanted to find myself, express ideas without any limits or pressure. Now that I kind of externalized myself, I will not be against playing in band.

Time Lurker - EP1

12. I really like the artworks you used for your releases. But frankly I’ve never heard of Jo Mot Rot. And relying on metal-archives.com, he made artworks for you only. So please tell me more about it. Who is he? Did he create the artworks from scratch or did you already have an image in mind?

Jo Mot Rot is my little brother. I was searching for someone to create EP1’s artwork, but as for music, I was very strict about the drawing. Back then, Jo did not drawn that much anymore. However I ask him to give it a try: that is how he came up with that amazing skull. He is now a tattoo artist, he is totally dedicated to drawing.

13. Well, one really stupid question at the end of our chat: Does Time Lurker play shows? If yes, do you have session musicians or rely on semi-playback?

I unfortunately do not have time for that now. But I like the idea, if I have to do this, I want to do this right - I will take the time when I can.

14. Mick, thank you very much for your time and answers. I’m really looking forward to any new release by you. Take the opportunity and leave your last words to me, my readers and your fans.

Thanks to you and all the listener for supporting me, I really appreciate, it motivates me to go on and to give the best of me. I will take all the time I need, but be sure that I am not over!

Time Lurker - Band