1. Ahoihoi Kolf. It’s a pleasure to have ABSOLUTUM featured on my little webzine. Although it is your first sign of live, your EP was a total blast for me. It has both reminiscences of the second wave of black metal and some very own ideas. For example dismal melodies that are similar to Deathspell Omega or your incredible harmonies on keyboards. What was your main intention when you started ABSOLUTUM?

Hey and thanks man! My main intention was to do finally some Black Metal, which I wanted to do for years. It was summer 2016, it was hot, kind of depressed and stuck in crappy basement flat. I have written the songs on four evenings in a row, after work. Grinding teeth and playing Black Metal. The feeling was there and I just spit it out. Riff after riff. Mostly I had those pictures of the Emperor video „The Loss And Curse Of Reverence“ in my mind and the landscape where I grew up and the feelings related to that place. I was a little bit nostalgic at this time and longed for innocent days, when you were stupid and unburdened.

2. As there are different information about your very first output on the internet: Was your EP called “I”, which would perfectly fit to the names of the containted songs, or was the EP self titled?

Jan (Buckard – Bass) did the layout and he just called it „I“. Because we already knew that there will be a „II“.

3. But let’s start at the very beginning of ABSOLUTUM. I know the question is kinda boring and standard for most interviews without any substance. But how did everything start for you? I mean, You and Buckard are playing in Valborg, which released their current album “Endstrand” almost a year ago, as well. And Glanemann has his other band Total Negation among some others, although they do not seem to be very active. Sole person with some more time for creative work might be Feddern who recently put his other band Fäulnis on hold. But since he is also running his Youtube-Channel “Krachmucker TV”, he does not seem to have too much spare time as well. So why was ABSOLUTUM born and how did you get in touch with each other?

Well. After I had written those four songs with programmed drums, I was done with my part and I got everything out my system. At first I wanted to do everything on my own – an obscure Black Metal project. But I did a lot of solo stuff, like Owl and Gruenewald and I got a little bit tired of it. So I contacted Christoph (Glanemann – Drums) if he might be interested in playing and recording drums. I know him from some concerts we played together (Valborg and Total Negation) and we had some jamessions. While Christoph was busy recording drums, I asked Seuche if he wants to sing on it. After he got the tracks with the finished drums he was all in. He visited us at our studio and we recorded vocals. That was a session! I got goosebumbs because he was so „into“ it. That was the point where I was very glad that I asked those guys, because we could experience the Absolutum vibe together. Then I asked Jan to play bass and mix it. It was the most easy project I have ever done. Fast, not overplayed, fully emotional, no big thinking. Feelings were true. Writing these songs was not about doing a Black Metal band, it was more a recapturing of old feelings, you long for, because they are long gone. You get a little tiny flash, and that’s it. And that’s why it is important to do this quick and raw, without thinking – to capture true feelings and feel it.

4. As mentioned before, I hear many different aspects in the music of ABSOLUTUM. First of all there is this classical approach, hinting towards the second wave of black metal which came out of Scandinavia in the early 90s. But “III” or “V” incorporate more dissonant and nihilistic riffs as well. Last but not least there are outstanding keyboards on your EP that both intensify your soundscapes with dense walls of harmonies and add some really cool melodies. Partly contrasting to the dark and baneful guitars, partly supplementing the overall atmosphere. So what were the influences that shaped the style of ABSOLUTUM?

Emperor, Darkthrone, Ekpyrosis.

5. How do you approach song writing? Since you and Buckard play in Valborg as well, I assume that you are able to rehearse together. But Feddern does not really live close to Bonn. And I do not know about Glanemann. So I would guess there is one main song-writer, creating the foundation of a song, riffs, structures, etc., and everything gets compiled over the internet? Who is the creative mastermind behind ABSOLUTUM and how does a song evolve from idea to finished track? Are the keyboards an add-on that comes in later phases or are they planed from the beginning?

Yeah, you are right. I write/record the guitars on click/programmed drums. Then I send everything over to Christoph. He records drums. Sends me the files. I send everything over to Jan, he plays, records it and creates the first mix. Then we send everything over to Seuche. We meet and record vocals. Everything goes back to Jan. No big deal nowadays. It’s not about the oldschool spirit, in a rehearsal room. It’s about weird Black Metal projects. 8 track recorders and that stuff. DIY feeling 2018.

6. Was the long distance between all involved people a reason why ABSOLUTUM was founded in mid 2016, but released their first EP about one and a half year later? Or was the fine tuning on your songs a more significant impact on this period?

The distance had an influence and the fact, that we are all busy with other projects. We were not in a rush and it was chilled out. No need for hustle.

7. I do not have any of your lyrics available. But I hear both German and English phrases on your EP. Since Feddern used to sing in German for Fäulnis it is not a big surprise. Do you plan to use both languages on further releases or was this mixture more of an experiment for this output?

Don’t know. That is all in Seuches hand. He can do whatever he wants. Like everybody. We don’t have to talk about that stuff. I write riffs, and give it out of hand. Everybody does his stuff, like he wants to, so that he has the best feeling and best experience. This is important. Not perfectionism. Absolutum should be nice experience for the people that participate in it. I want everybody to be happy and hopefully everybody gets a feeling out of it.

8. Another boring standard question, haha! What is your lyrical concept? I would guess Feddern sings about depression, hatred, and dark emotions on a personal level again. Or it there another topic that is tied to ABSOLUTUM?

The songs just describe landscapes and feelings.

9. About topics and concepts: Why aren’t your songs named but numbered? Is it just for the first output, to focus on your music? Or is it for the sake of mystique behind black metal? There are some bands that solely rely on numbered titles for both records and songs…

We didn’t have track names and we all felt like doing it as reduced as possible.

10. For me, Valborg and the label Zeitgeister Music where closely tied together. But since I never really get into Valborgs Music, I totally missed that you are on a subdivision of Prophecy Records now. But on the other hand, your releases are still listed on Zeitgeister. Same for ABSOLUTUM. But it seems that it is a digital only release on this site. Why didn’t you publish your first EP by yourself physically but just as a download?

I just „link back“ everything we, the Zeitgeister guys, do. It’s just our lifes work. That’s why. We work with other labels, because it makes more fun.

11. Holger runs his small label The Crawling Chaos Records. But beside of its size, he already published some high quality music like Blyh or Beltez. So you are in a very good company. How did you get in contact with Holger and why did you choos his label to release your EP? I could imagine that other labels might have had interest as well…

Seuche already knew Holger and he said, that he is a cool guy and very pleasant to work it. So I contacted them, we communicated a little bit and it just felt super natural. We were in complete agreement from the very start.

Absolutum - I

12. Was a tape release your first choice? To check out if there is anybody who would buy your music? Maybe to get another connection to the early 90s which influenced your sound? Or was this situation born out of the offer by Holger/The Crawling Chaos? Might your EP see an incarnation on vinyl as well or is this format more appropriate for your next output?

We just wanted to do a tape. We didn’t look for other stuff. Regarding vinyl, I don’t know yet. If somebody is interested – yes, if not, then not.

13. As there is a long distance between the members of ABSOLUTUM and rehearsals on a regular basis are not possible, it might be doubtful if you will ever play live?

We talked about that and we all want to play live. But at first we want to release some more music and then slowly plan it. It should be something special. Easy, with fun, and good feelings. And if it’s not possible like that, we will not stress ourselves to make it possible.

14. As we are coming to the end of your little chat, do you see ABSOLUTUM as a project which is done after this EP or maybe another one? Or will you keep on working on this band, releasing a full-length in near future? The promotional sheet that came with your EP tells me of further planed outputs…

At the moment we want to do more stuff. We chose the right way and the motivation/fun level is high. The second EP is already written. We just have to record bass and vocals.

15. Kolf, thanks again for your time and answers. I’m really looking forward to hear new music by ABSOLUTUM. Take the following space to leave some closing words to my readers and anybody who is interested in ABSOLUTUM or maybe Valborg as well.

Thanks for your interest. Valborg are currently recording a new album. Owl will release an EP and a full-length this year. We are just doing stuff. Because again – it makes fun. And that doesn’t mean that you don’t suffer for your art. Fun means that you make it possible to speak your mind purely. We do everything like that. Nothing else makes sense for us anymore. A friend of mine died some days ago. Life is fragile. What is really important in the end? Take care.