1. Hello René, hello Kees, thank you for your time and answers. It is really a pleasure to have such an unique band as CRYPTAE is on my webzine. As all physical copys of your self-titled ep are gone, are you satisfied with the feedback so far? Are the digital purchases going as well?

Hi Chris! Thanks for the interview, we’re happy to answer your questions. It’s fucking insane that the sold out already. Only some distros still have the demo like Season Of Mist USA and Dead Tank.

2. Well, since CRYPTAE is a young and unknown band, we need to go through a couple of boring standard questions. I hope you have a nice cold beer open and are ready to get through this little required course… Here we go: Tell me and my readers who you are. How has CRYPTAE started? Where do you come from - I know you come from the Netherlands, but seems not to know this little fact…

We met some years ago at a music festival in Amsterdam and traded some art/music. A couple years later I (Kees) moved to the same city as René and we started hanging out and making music.

3. Why did you choose CRYPTAE as your moniker? I assume it is the latin plural of the word crypta / crypt?

It just sounded badass… nothing more to it to be honest. We do feel it suits the music well. The word itself also seems to have an eerie influence on our art and the subjects we choose.

4. CRYPTAE consists of René Aquarius on drums and Kees Peerdeman handling guitar, bass and vocals. Didn’t you find any other musicians to join you on your discomforting track? Or do you want to keep thinks small and tight to realize your unique ideas? For too many cooks spoil the broth…

Actually, it’s Kees on guitar and René on drums and vocals. We started as a spur-of-the-moment thing. René recorded the drums tracks and sent them to Kees who recorded guitar at home. Marlon Wolterink at White Noise Studio mixed it all. It was all done in about a week, so we didn’t even think of adding additional members, we could do it all with just the two of us.

5. I really appreciate your visual component. Your band picture is brilliant. It is simple, dark and somehow discomforting. It reminds me both of the absurd aesthetics of Australian Portal as well as the film Begotten. You choose a totally distorted typography for your logo and combined it to an abstract artwork for your ep. Especially the white background seems to be a huge contrast to your dark music. Very well done. Is there a deeper concept behind your visuals? Who is responsible for the implementation?

Kees does all the artwork. Most of the visuals are based on his dreams. There’s this recurring theme of being embedded in giant geometrical concrete shapes. The white suits the dreamscape but also works well with our minimalistic approach to music in this case.

6. Was your self-titled ep planed to be released as an mini-album? Or was it intentionally compiled as a demo?

It was just intended to be a demo. We didn’t have huge plans or anything, we just wanted to get it out there. Make a cool tape out of it and sell it through our own network of friends and acquaintances.

7. How did you get in contact with Sentient Ruin Laboratories to release your stuff on tape? Was a release on cassette your first choice? Or do you consider another format as well?

Mattia from SR somehow heard our demo tape through Bandcamp and contacted us. We actually already ordered our own batch of tapes for a DIY release, but had to cancel that when we heard a label was interested in releasing our music.


8. As I mentioned in my review, I hear a couple of influences on your music. The drones and courage to work in collages like Sunn O))), the reduced riffs similar to Conqueror, Beherit or Blasphemy, the purulence of Pissgrave and the absyssal Horror from Portal. Altogether it forms some kind of death metal. But with a lot of influences from drone/doom. And somehow very abstract. What were your influences and inspirations to create this very individual style of music? And how would you describe it yourself?

We don’t really know to be honest. We just played what we thought worked best for the songs. We didn’t really try to make old-school or more contemporary death metal or anything. We just wanted to make something raw and chaotic. The more abstract aspect probably came from our background in playing experimental stuff in our other bands and solo projects like Kees Peerdeman, René Aquarius, Dead Neanderthals and Celestial Bodies.

9. With minimalistic and repetitve arrangements, well placed stops and goes, and an overall distorted sound, even on the drums, you create an unsettling, discomforting and nightmarish soundscape. A vile and baneful atmosphere. What was your intention, your primary goal when you formed CRYPTAE and how did it had an impact on the resulting ep?

As mentioned before, everything was done really fast. We were certainly not planning every move during the process. Does this mean we’re two unsettling and discomforting people deep down? We honestly don’t know.

10. Compressed on just 15 minutes running time, your ep is both disgusting and faszinating. Despite those reduced elments it keeps me entertained, interessted, curious. It fills me with discomfort and some disturbing joy. But I can also imagine that your very own sound does not work very well on a full-length span of over half an hour. How do you see my assumption? Do you have any plans to release something like an album anytime or do you consider CRYPTAE more a band for eps and splits? Or is your band more an abstract experiment, a project that was not design to live long and publish albums?

We take things as they come, trying to keep an open mind. The most important thing for us is the passion we feel when creating music. Next album might be two hours or two minutes, whatever works best for that specific moment in time.

11. Do you think your very own style finds a lot of fans in the death metal scene? For me it seems that your music is much to abstract and way to ugly for the usual Metal Blade, Nuclear Blast, etc kind of metal fan. Yeah, maybe it is even too ugly for the fans of traditional rotten death metal in the way Autopsy, Incantation or Immolation established. So how was the feedback from fans and media so far - except for all pressed tapes beeing sold out already?

Well the death metal label is just a tool to make it easier for people to talk about our music. We hope that people buy our stuff because they genuinely have a passion for extreme music, like we do. We don’t know a lot about the backgrounds of our listeners, but ‘extreme music’ is a broad term, so we can imagine people from all kinds of corners finding something they like in our stuff. If people just buy the tape to be cool & edgy that’s fine too obviously. That said, feedback has been surprisingly positive.

12. I read in another interview that you are too busy for doing shows as CRYPTAE. Other bands, family, work, fun-stuff, etc. But maybe you might be interessted nevertheless? What would be necessary to get you on a stage? Maybe for a one-shot only?

Never say never, but it’s not something we had in mind when starting the band. We’d probably have to find someone to do the vocals live. René wants to be able to focus 100% on the drums in a live setting.

13. As you had your very first impact in the scene, what are your goals for 2018? Do you want to evolve your very own sound in another direction or maybe stick to the current status?

We’re already working on some new Cryptae stuff as we speak, but we’re probably going to finish another project of ours first.

14. René, Kees, thank you very much for your time and answers. As this is the end of our interview, feel free to leave some closing words to my readers and maybe your fans.

Thank you for the interview! We’ll leave you all with this quote by writer J.G. Ballard: “Memories have huge staying power, but like dreams, they thrive in the dark, surviving for decades in the deep waters of our minds like shipwrecks on the sea bed.”