Auðn - Farvegir fyrndar


With their second album “Farvegir fyrndar” Auðn find a perfect balance between grounded and traditional black metal and the more atmospheric and transcendental interpretation of the genre. It is a melodic, melancholic album with very versatile songs that coherently flow from calm to harsh to majestic to furious.
With the spirit of Winterfylleth, the roots in Norway and a similar approach on post-rock like Fen, Auðn create an dense and moony album. “Farvegir fyrndar” is both grimm and harsh on one side and a melancholic transcendence on the other.

Although there are some hints towards contemporary elements of post-rock and post-black metal, those ingredients are well placed and discreet interwoven with the other parts. Often those fragile and playful moments are used to start a song, reminding me sometimes of the bleak parts of the soundtrack to “Twin Peaks”.

As a fundament, most of the time there is this this special forest-and-meadows vibe, originating in the classic Norwegian style. Songs like “Eilifar nætur” or “Blóðrauð sól” are best examples for the more traditional influences for Auðn. But often there are sudden yet consistent turns into more wide walls of harmonies, build up by great lead-melodies, forming a dense, majestic and melancholic atmosphere. One of the best examples might be the beautiful solo guitar in “Sksuggar” that extends the more classical influences to a new level.

With this mixture of harsh blazing blastbeats and consequent use of atmospheric harmonies, the songs develop over their running time, creating exciting turns. Well placed but more subtle elements enrich the music furthermore. Slight harmonies played on bass, which is unfortunately to quiet in the background. Or some nice patterns on the tom-toms. Or the surprising end of “Ljósaslæður”, which turns into a dissonant and baneful counterpart to the beginning of this track.

In this balance between playful instruments, versatile song-writing, catching atmosphere and a mindset between traditional and contemporary black metal, “Farvegir fyrndar” is a really awesome melodic black metal album.

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