Buioingola - Il Nuovo Mare


“Il Nuovo Mare” has a dark and abstract artwork. It totally fits to the music presented by Buioingola and gives a slight indication towards the bizarre style of this record. Although the main theme is (post-)black metal, this album offers an unique blend that goes far beyond.

To be honest, it is hard to describe the style of Buioingola.  As said, the foundation is black metal. Sometimes more traditional, but most of the time in the more contemporary style between post-black metal and blackgaze. Best examples for this direction are “Eclisse” or “Il Gionro Dopo”. But in the very next moment there are influences from hardcore as well, blending the music into a similar style to German Planks. Especially the more shouted vocal style has strong parallels. And even the next ingredient on “Il Nuovo Mare” can be found in the later work of Planks: Post-Punk and Wave.

This influence has almost the same range as the black metal parts. In “Silenzio” it starts more with post-punk, developing into some post-rock soundscapes. And on the other hand “Latenza” takes the wave-parts to such an obscure level that it sounds like a dirty batcave-black metal bastard. This eerie boogie woogie has some nice Negative Plane spirit.

But those are not all elements Buioingola combines for their unique and disturbing sound. In “Irriconoscible” they introduce spoken words and keyboards, flowing into some dark and baneful collage-eske soundscapes. This is not the only moment where dark electronic ambient is mixed homogeneously into a song. “Attesca” continues this abstract way, sounds almost like industrial meeting post-black metal. “Silenzio” continues this bizarre combination, crushing into the already mentioned batcave and post-rock elements.

With all those versatile musical influences *Buioingola* draws a manifold dark atmosphere. From harsh, blasting metal to the more abstract and baneful moments of ambient and industrial. “Latenza” offers even some grooving dance-able moments. Just to take a turn into a more bleak and melancholic “Eclisse”. And “Il Giorno Dopo” sounds like the soundtrack to “Twin Peaks” gone bleak and disturbingly dark.

This mixture of styles and shades of gloomy atmosphere makes “Il Nuovo Mare” a discomforting and baneful album. But also an unique and adorable release.

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