ColdWorld - Wolves And Sheep


As my first contat to ColdWorld with its last album “Autumn” was more than impressing, I immediately had to get hold on their latest output “Wolves And Sheep”. But this time it is a little bit different. It is “just” an ep. With two songs it spreads over almost 25 Minutes. But the vocabulary is more simplified than it was on the last album. There are no elements of post-black metal, no more shoegaze and even no more passages with clean sung vocals, neither male nor female. “Wolves And Sheeps” is more or less an mini-album of classical, melodic yet atmospheric black metal.

But within this boubdaries it is still a recommendable release. Straight and repetitive moments of awesome harmonies mark the title track. Cold and yet majestic and cold melodies mark most of the song. Especially the bass plays an important role in within the melodic construct. Even there is a major breakdown after a noisy desolution in the middle of the track, the main themes are adapted after a short interlude of blastbeats. With all of its variations the song maintains fluid, coherent. And to its ending there are still some remarkable soundscapes of post-rock that knot to the last album “Autumn”.

“The Cave” takes more attention by the audience. More than three quarter of those 12 Minutes are introductional sound-scapes. With samples and ambient-like elements it takes a long introduction to only three and a half “real” song. It is more repetitive than the first part of “Wolves And Sheep” yet still melodic. In its chorus it has a nice turn into a wave-like structure and offers remarkable moments as well. It is a pitty that it suddently stops and does not continue in a similar way as the first “Wolves And Sheep” did.

But overall I really enjoyed this ep. Especially the first track has a lot of awesome melodies that stick into my ear and made the song outstanding and catchy. Even if this ep is not on the same versatile level as “Autumn” was before, it is still a great appetizer for the things to come by ColdWorld.

Since the pressed CDs are already sold out, you still have the chance to get the music digitally on the bands bandcamp profile.

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