Dool - Here Now, There Then


Joined forces from Ellen Bandita, Gold or The Devil’s Blood created DOOL. With their fist album “Here Now, There Then” they present a well blended mixture of dark rocking music. Combining influences of Batcave and Gothic Rock with psychedelic Rock of the 70s and this gloomy occult vibe, DOOL make an impressive debut.

“Here Now, There Then” uses bitter sweet melodies to tell its dark story. Mainly carried by vocalist Ryanne van Dorst many hooklines bewitch the audience and stick to the ear. Sometimes the guitars join her, playing nice and playful melodies as well. Just to take a sudden turn to the other side, serving gloomy harmonies or even baneful riffs.

All combined by consistent and flowing structures, the songs develop naturally and exciting. Sometimes the musical themes are subtile varied, known passages varnished with new elements. And in the right moment, everything is reduced to the minimum.

As a result “Here Now, There Then” is a diversified record. Starting heavy and occult with the 10 minute long epic “Vanta Black”, just to get more catchy, almost cheesy with the following “Golden Serpents”. On the next turn, “Words On Paper” gets darker, dirtier, “In Her Darkes Hour” even baneful. “The Death Of Love” takes a turn into another direction and shows the more fragile side of DOOL. Thin vocals and dreamy instrumentation flow coherent into more powerful passages and end in a heavy interwoven carpet of polyphone harmonies.

Somewhere between the dry and direct darkness of The Sisters Of Mercy, the more playful progression of Blue Oyster Cult and the occult vibe by The Devils Blood, DOOL create a consistent atmosphere. Always gloomy, but with moments of all hope, joy, dreams, melancholia and majestic power.

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