Dråp - Rotten Till Allt Ont


With its classical grindcore artwork “Rotten Till Allt Ont” tells just a part of its story. Surely it has its roots in grindcore. But there are many more influences for Dråp, making their second album outstanding!

As said, on the one hand there are those furious bursts into fast blastbeats. But there is always this special dark and dystopic feeling. So those influences definitively remind me of Nasum. But there is Crust/D-Beat/Hardcore in the vein of Tragedy as well as there are slight ingredients from Swedisch Death Metal. All gets mixed with this special atmosphere and forward-thinking attitude of Neurosis. Alltogether Dråp form an awesome second album.

On the first listen many Riffs seem to be straight to the core. But the songs are intelligently arranged. “Ärrvävnad” uses very cool harmonies over harsh grinding blastbeats. Or “Hat för en Livstid” has this beautiful dissolution into a blackened and atmospheric part. Those are examples of the dystopic dissonances that maintain throughout the whole album. In “Yttersta Domen” it get’s even more this Neurosis-vibe, in “Nederlag” it has this combination of Nasum and Tragedy; violent d-beats get mixed with great soundscapes. Even the instrumental interlude “Eremit” has an intense development and banefull atmosphere.

And Dråp know that they do not even have to be high speed all the time to express their dark visions. In “Överväld” or the title-track they showcase their abilities to play in brutal midtempo without loosing intensity. Just to burst out into blazing grindcore in the very next second. But over all tempi “Rotten Till Allt Ont” is nasty and hopeless.

In this mixture Dråp present a pissed and nihilistic album. It is dark and dystopic. And due to all those influences from different styles it is an impressing and outstanding piece of hate.

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