Engulfed - Engulfed In Obscurity


With members of bands like Hellsodomy and Burial Invocation a relatively new dark death metal force emerges from Turkey. Engulfed already made their first impact into the scene with their ep “Through The Eternal Damnation”. Unfortunately this output did not really catch my attention. Now there is the debut “Engulfed In Obscurity” which is an immense piece of dark art.

With over 50 minutes running time and songs lasting between five and seven minutes, this album could be challenging for the audience. But Engulfed manage to get the right balance between beastiality, chaos, furious eruptions, baneful atmosphere and intelligent details. So this record does not get boring at any time.

Often there are slow, vicious passages, creating a slimy and manacing atmosphere. Just du burst into rampant anger and blazing blastbeats at the very next moment. Some guitars are obscure and dark. But in the very next song there is an extremely catchy riff that sticks to the ear for days. Yet Engulfed never get cheesy or pleasing. “Engulfed In Obscurity” is a grim and gloomy album.

As mentioned before: All those anger and nastiness is very sophisticated. For example those variation in pace in “Inseminated With Demon Seed”. Or the well placed break at the beginning of “Invocation Od Death And Misery”. Both are good examples how intelligent Engulfed writes their songs. Same for the guitar lines. The instrumental introduction shows the great play between rhythm and lead already. Starting with “Conqueror From Beyond The Outer Gates” many harmonies are played polyphonic, creating dense and atmospheric soundscapes. And there are many leads and solos that tell their very own story within their melodies. They supplement the music as well as the lyrics to create that gloom. Most beautiful in “Demonic Manifestion Of Devastation” where the solo is played over two different musical themes, creating completely different moods. Or in the title-track where the solo flows into the main lead of the song. That is an impressive example how Engulfed catches up single themes and varies them to create an exciting and intoxicating tracks.

“Engulfed In Obscurity” is an extremely good death metal album. Dark, baneful, furious and raging. Yet with intelligent details and diversified twists. And there are even some songs that stick out of this great overall image which makes the debut even more outstanding. Highly recommended.

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