Fäulnis - Antikult


Many black metal bands use the term “kvlt”. The want to form an elitist and occult image, try to connect to those “glorious days” of the genre. But Fäulnis is not any black metal band. So it is quite logic that they state an antithesis with their third record “Antikult”. But still maintain their roots in the bleakest moments of this genre, mixing in slight elements of punk and doom.

At first listen, “Antikult” is a consequent continuation of “Snuff || Hiroshima”. Less droning soundscapes than the debut “Gehirn zwischen Wahn und Sinn” offered, more straight and direct songs. Nevertheless it is another step for Fäulnis. Each track offers raw and desperate music in high quality.

Combining great morbid harmonies and blastbeats with the fatalist attitude from doom and aggressive moments of punk-rock, this record creates a baneful cocktail. The opening song “Metropolis” is a straight forward rock’n roll track. Groovy punk-rock, black metal harmonies and rocking leads during the refrain form a catchy hit single. It goes straight to the ear and sticks there. Although it is a great start into “Antikult”, it is not very representative for this album.

Fäulnis take their time and slow down for the following few songs. But this reduced pace perfectly fits the mood of “Antikult”. Especially “Im Auge Des Sturms” lives from this bleak and depressing atmosphere. And “Der König” takes this attitude to another level, mixing somehow hopeful harmonies and contrary desperate vocals into this melancholic song. With same ingredients “Arroganz Von Unten” is a great example of how Fäulnis mix punk with black metal, resulting in awesome blastbeats and harmonies.

This marks a turning point in the attitude of “Antikult”. Starting with “Arroganz Von Unten” the tempo gets faster. “MS Fäulnis” mixes baneful fast beats with punk-styled vocals (which somehow remind me of the darker and more metallic moments of Dritte Wahl on “Strahlen”), rocking d-beats and a really catchy refrain. In same fast pace “Kadaver” is the most straight forward track, consisting of black metal only. But it seems that this is just a bridge to “Galgen, Kein Humor” (great title by the way), which shows a very majestic attitude. Adding some morbid harmonies and even keyboards it is the most versatile song on this album. But nevertheless it is reduced to the max, using all instruments to create an awesome ending for “Antikult”.

Following the really good “Snuff || Hiroshima”, Fäulnis created a great mixture of doom, punk and black metal. “Antikult” is a bleak and honest album. And every track has its very own charm, ranging from desperate and blazing to melancholic and hopeless.

This album had a lot of spins in my stereo already - an will have even more in future. Recommendation to everyone who despises genre borders and seeks for discomforting music with great impact!

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