Gevurah - Hallelujah!


GEVURAH is part of the Kabbalah,  an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought that originated in Judaism. GEVURAH means “power” and “energy”. Both attributes that describe “Hallelujah!” very well. It is an extreme and intense album. Full of (dark) energy and ritualistic moments. It is furious thunder and vile majesty. It is the fine art of destruction, manifested somewhere between black and death metal.

Sure, there are some obvious moments that remember more traditional black metal bands. But there are more similarities to the French unorthodox extremists Deathspell Omega and Aosoth. And I think the mindset on “Hallelujah!” is very close on the forward thinking attitude of Ulcerate and the nightmarish soundscape of Portal. Not really in the instrumentation but definitively in the orchestration that forms this delicious album.

Most of “Hallelujah!” is pure destruction. Some monotonous, repetitive riffs, fast blastbeats, extremely vile and baneful atmosphere. There are just little slowed down moments in majestic power to take a short breath.  Yeath, there is also a Dark Funeral like melody in “Un Feu Indomtable” and almost some slight element of hope in the interlude “Lifting The Veils Of Da’at”. But most of the time GEVURAH are just annihilating everything that gets into their way. In a very dark and sinister way.

Although “Hallelujah!” executes its baneful mission in an excellent way and serves only great songs, the most outstanding number is the titletrack which name was translated into Hebrew. It is almost 20 Minutes of only the fine parts of this album. Massive and gloomy atmosphere, nightmarish blastbeat thunder, doom-ridden and with vile power. Interrupted by a Gregorian choir, the song continues with the best and catchiest riff on this album just to intensify the already dense atmosphere. This single song is worth the purchase of this album only!

Combining some traditional elements of black metal with some death metal and modern, unorthodox ideas, GEVURAH might be comparable to bands like Deathspell Omega, Aosoth or Ulcerate. But this would not fit the overall picture “Hallelujah!” formed. There are so many further aspects in melodies, pace and attitude, that makes this release outstanding. It is a nasty nightmare that just caught me from the very first second and made me spin this record again and again. Definitively a highlight of black metal that appeared in 2016. Highly recommended!

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