In The Woods... - Pure


IN THE WOODS… exits for a while. But frankly, I never spend my attention to them. Maybe because they haven’t released a new album in the last 17 years. But after a recommendation from a friend, I listened to “Pure”. It took me some time to get into the records, but now I’m quite fond of it.

“Pure” is hard to describe. There are many moments that are really catchy, almost cheesy. Some riffs and melodies are straight forward and even some repetitions and stuctures seem to fit into a typical metal schema. But on the other hand IN THE WOODS… embrace quite outstanding aspects. The overall picture does not fit into a straight genre-drawer.

Corporating straight and rocking ideas with decent keyboards and emotional vocals, some parts of “Pure” remind me a little bit of late Woods Of Ypres. Some other moments are more progressive, evolve single themes of a song in interesting way. Those passages offer parallels to late Borknagar, even when those are still more complex and maybe more keyboard-driven. But only a few moments later IN THE WOODS… move into a much slower area, involving heavy and emotional doom into their sound.

All those elements make “Pure” a diverse and versatile record. Catchy and pushing songs meet with more gloomy ones. Just to take a turn and surprise with more melodic (death) metal (“Devi’s At The Door”) or an instrumental interlude in “Transmission KRS”.  Some numbers are more obvious hits like the title track or the phantastic “The Cave Of Dreams”. Other songs need some more time to develop their character. In this mix “Pure” might take some time to get into. But after a few spins I really enjoyed this diverse style. So take your time, get into this record and enjoy over an hour of catching doomy music.

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