Lantern - II: Morphosis


LANTERN are back with their second album “II: Morphosis”. And they keep delivering an unique and obscure blend of all kinds of extreme metal. Just to push their eloquent style to another level.

The foundation is still based on early Morbid Angel. Many riffs are in the abstract style of “Blessed Are The Sick” or “Domination”, ranging from slimy and crawling to obscure and vile. Mixing in some thrashing uptempo beats and riding grooves as well as black metal harmonies and atmosphere LANTERN developed their very own sound. There are even some moments that are close to the chaos and the furious eruptive element of grindcore which is additional fuel to the fire “Morphosis” is burning. And to be honest, the vocal style reminds me a little bit of Australian Alchemist which adds some more tasty flavour for me.

The result is forty minutes of awesome death metal. Evil, surprising and simply outstanding. As each song takes its own development, varying the individual themes, taking exciting turns to another part, tempo or rhythmical pattern, the whole album in complete has a constant flow of intelligent variation.

“Virgin Damnation” is a slow and slimy track, playing with elements of doomed death metal. Just to make some Slayer quotations in the very next “Lucid Endlessness” which serves some nice polyphone guitar solo as well. “Transmigration” exchanges thrashy uptempo with grinding blastbeats and an exquisite riff that sticks to the ear. This number is just both harsh and intelligent. Same for “Sleeper Of Hypnagog” or “Cleansing Of The Air” which both manage to stick to the ear. Amazing tracks with versatile structures and quality song writing.

Even the instrumental interlude “Necrotic Epiphanies” is a piece of cake. Raw and almost hectic death metal meets fantastic atmosphere and great harmonies. This might be the best instrumental I have heard in a long time.

“Morphosis” is neither a pure clone of Morbid Angel nor simply “old school” death metal. It is a refreshing blend of all interesting aspects of extreme metal. Outstanding riffing, intelligent drumming, exciting song-structures and an evil attitude mixed together into a great album.

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