Myteri - Ruiner


A storm is blowing. Thunder growls from far away. A bleak and melancholic guitar opens for a lugubrious introduction. But after just two minutes Myteri is fed up with beeing somberly. That’s the moment when “Ruiner” explodes into furiosly fast d-beats. From this point the rest of the record is angry and hopeless. Yet still with this melancholic sadness and beautiful harmonies.

But although “Ruiner” is a fast crustcore album, it is far away from beeing dull. There are many exciting turns that make the songs interesting. For example there is more melodic punk rock in “Mörka Ätervändsgränder”. Or some tribal drumming in both “Dädens Hav” and “Hatets Fanbärare” which adds some extra flavour to the mostly straight uptempo d-beats. But those aren’t even the most exciting moments on “Ruiner”. There are some extra heavy and nihilistic moments that remind me of early Fall Of Efrafa or maybe Planks.
But still Myteri is not an ordinary crust-punk band relying on three chords to deliver their dark and dystopic visions. Their abilities go far beyond. There are always great melodies on “Ruiner”, often played polyphonic. And with the final track “Urholkningsprocessen” they even spare out all elments from crust or hardcore, delivering an outstanding post-rock song.

This great ability of writing songs and melodies gets additional depth by adding some great violines to the phantastic “Justitiemord” or “Lida I Tysthet” - which reminds me a little bit of Morrow. And the later has even some pianos in it for another bleak layer of atmosphere.

With all those outstanding ingredients there is no filler on “Ruiner”. All songs are on the same high level and offer many great hits. Additionally the album artwork is awesome as well. I really like the burning graves in front of those old buildings and the hooded creature that dominates the scene.

If you liked Alpinist, Mässmörd or Fall Of Efrafa, enjoy Tragedy and dig bands like Unkind or Livstid, you will definitively love Myteri! This record is the best crust album of the year.

It will be released on 1000 LPs, 300 in white-black haze, 200 in grey-black haze and the rest on black wax. Additionally there will be a download code and a poster in the heavy gatefold jacket. And for those prefering digital music, there is a download and stream on bandcamp yet.

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