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Time Lurker is a one-man project from Strasbourg, France. Started in 2014, Mick already released an ep and a single song digitally in 2016. Both available on Bandcamp yet, this self-titled new release is a compilation of those material and a second ep called “II”, where I cannot find any information about on the internet. So I think the four songs of this ep have their first release on “Time Lurker”.

At first listen, I didn’t know that this record is a compilation of two eps and one song. It is coherent and shows manifold ideas that aim for just one goal: A dense and exciting atmosphere. Time Lurker did fantastic on all his releases and maintains consequent feeling throughout the whole record.

“Rupture” and “Judgement” from the first ep already show the intense and atmospheric ideas Time Lurker orchestrates into its music. Harsh blazing blastbeats meet awesome melodies, flowing through a nice variety of pace. “Ethereal Hands” takes those ingredients and takes them to another level. Slight moments of blackgaze widen the palette of Mick. And the incorporation of more baneful harmonies brings the overall vibe closer to Blut Aus Nord. Dreamy lead guitars and polyphone melodies are extra salt to the soup.

As far as I see, the following tracks are taken from the second ep, where I cannot find any information on the internet about. But “Reborn” to “Whispering From Space” form a consistent unit which hardens my assumption. “Reborn” continues the usage of blackgaze elements and combines them with a spacy soundscape. It is an atmospheric introduction to the following “No Way Out From Mankind” that again serves some parallels to Blut Aus Nord. Melancholic melodies hit into furious blastbeats, running through constant changes throughout the song.

“Passages” is another interlude to the awesome “Whispering From Space”. This last song is even more baneful than any track before, playing with more minimalist and repetitive riffing to create a raw and harsh atmosphere. The slowed down part has some slight dissonant touch, which adds even more doom to the intense vibe. But although the main theme is malignant and discomforting, Time Lurker always keep up their great work on melodies.

At the end, this compilation presents like a complete album. Showing its constant attitude as well as a permanent flow that developes more playful and baneful. If “Whispering From Space” is a hint for the things to come, Time Lurker will become one of the most interesting modern (post-)black metal bands.

German Monoton Studios will make this compilation available on cassette. For those prefering a beautiful digipak-cd or even vinyl, French Les Acteurs de L’Ombre Productions will release formats. All physical copies will be available on 2nd June 2017. And those who rely on digital stuff, can grab it for a cheap amout directly from the bandcamp page of Time Lurker.

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