Vanum - Burning Arrow


Frankly, I recognized the name-droping afterwards only. Members of Fell Voices, Yellow Eyes, Predatory Lights and Ash Borer (among others), teamed up to form a band. Vanum. And this ep called “Burning Arrow” is their second output after a full-length called “Realm Of Sacrifice”. As said: I just learned about this background after several spins of this ep in my stereo. I was totally blewn away by the music. And the newly gathered knowledge of the members behind Vanum makes it even more unerstandable.

To be honest, there are not many words to say about “Burning Arrow”. It is an ep that lives from it’s atmosphere. From the majestic approach, the grinding repitition of its great harmonies. The grim and distant escapism that is created by the awesome harmonies, which are sometimes polyphonic and more often catchy yet dreamful with only one guitar.

With only three songs this ep manages to fill almost 25 minutes of intoxicating black metal. Very melodic, sometimes a little bit harsh, every time sublime. Every second is fluent between either majestic midtempo or harsh blazing blastbeats. Everything within a song is as coherent as the whole ep is consistint in itself.

Even the rare carpets of keyboard harmonies act as a supplement to the greater image Vanum create on “Burning Arrow”. Those ingredients are not used as to end in itself but to complement those dense atmospheric parts.

In the end “Burning Arrow” is just an awesome mini-album. It is full of catching harmonies and great attitude. It drags me into a distant world of cold majesty and creates almost half an hour of dreamful escapism - even if the artwork might tell another story.

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