Absolutum - I


Black Metal Doom Punks Fäulnis ceased to be. That’s a pitty, because I really liked their approach on extreme and nihilistic music. But fortunately their vocalist Seuche recently joined another band. Together with Christian Kolf and Jan Buckard from unconventional doom/death metal outfit Valborg and Christoph Glanemann (Total Negation) on drums they form Absolutum. The first output of this young band is a classic ep on tape, released by The Crawling Chaos Records. And man, this is an intense and hopeless maelstrom within just a quarter hour.

With many reduced and repetititve riffs, the music mostly pays tribute to many early bands of the second wave of black metal. But Absolutum is not another copycat or rip-off. Soon some discreet keyboards enter the soundscape and add a great and versatile atmosphere. Dense harmonics thicken the immense dark and nihilistic attitude of the music. More outstanding melodies create a bleak and melancholic counterpart towards the harsh guitars and fast blazing drums.

But Absolutum reach their best form, when the melodies get absyssal dark and hopeless. When the dissonant riffs create a baneful and unsettling atmosphere, tend towards a simmilar approach as Deathspell Omega or Aosoth use to express their interpretation of black metal. “III” is both disgusting and beautiful at the same time. An ugly, nihilistic piece of music. Last but not least due to the extreme vocals of Seuche, who contributes the most abhorrent shrieks of the ep to this song and doubles them with another layer of screams. Incredible intense work! “V” offers the same attributes, but is more angry and majestic at the same time. It starts really raw and minimal, grinding and blasting. But becomes really epic in the slowdown towards the end.

With only four songs (excluding the introduction) in under 14 Minutes, Absolutum create an intense, dark and hopeless ep. With constant high pace and intoxicating elements on harmonies and vocals, this ep is a debut on an extremely high level. For me the first highlight of this young year. So keep an eye on this band and hurry up if you want a physical copy. The tapes are limited to 200 units.

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