Crucifyre Post Vulcanic Black


Since the very first moment I was introduced to Crucifyre I am in love with this band. “Infernal Earthly Divine” had this special feeling, this unique approach on mixing early extreme metal with speed and thrash metal, playing it in a doomy mood, while still creating both pushing and catching songs. With “Black Magic Fire” they continued their way, yet introduced even more musicality. No wonder that there where awesome hits on this record, causing in regular rotations on my stereo. Another four years went by, the same period Crucifyre took between their first two albums. And now “Post Vulcanic Black” is finally out. I was surprised. But I was not disappointed.

As I hoped - and you might expected - Crucifyre still continue their way. The way they describe best by themself: ““Post Vulcanic Black” delivers the primitive instincts of Hellhammer, the dark melodic sensibilities of Mercyful Fate but always without losing the quintessential early Slayer worship.” There is still a lot of Hellhammer or Venom. This raw and archaic way on playing metal. There are many quotes on Slayer. In the riffs, in the solos and in the attitude. And there is a lot of Mercyful Fate. Last but not least in the incredible “Black Serpentagram”.

But there is even more. That’s the point where Crucifyre took the next step, developed and incorporate more experiments into their sound. I hear a lot of psychedelic and playful elements in the mostly rocking (read: close to hard rock like AC/DC) “Mother Superior’s Eyes”. I hear some Black Sabbath Vibe in “War Chylde”. I hear a lot of twin-guitars. I hear some Pentagram. But what I hear most: The incredible blend of Crucifyre. As they blend several ingredients into their very own sound. Into a remarkable sound. That always has this dark and occult spirit. That bewitches its listener.

As a surprising but very well fitting element, there are more clean vocals on “Post Vulcanic Black” than ever before. But those moments make the songs even more catchy and put them on another level. The epic refrain of “200 Divisions” for example (with some hints to Bathory as well). Or as said before in the outstanding “Black Serpentagram” that lives from its doom-driven atmosphere. The contrast between the baneful instrumentation and the calm vocals create a very special tension that make this song incredibly awesome.

Okay, to be honest, not all tracks are superior. “Mother Superior’s Eyes” or “Copenhagen In The Seventies” are more or less some straight rock’n roll songs. Entertaining, catchy and almost cheesy. They offer a nice break in the almost 50 Minutes running time of “Post Vulcanic Black”. But I could surely live without them. Opposite for the other tracks as they are a fantastic continuation for Crucifyre. “Murder And Sex And Self Destruction”, “200 Divisions” or “Black Serpentagram” are just hits.

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