Zeit - Konvergenz


After a couple of eps “Konvergenz” is the first full-length of German Zeit. And this debut shows their very own interpretation of black metal. It combines more traditional elements of the genre with some dark and muddy ingredients of sludge, post-rock, slight moments of punk and an interesting approach on song writing.

Although there are influences from different styles of music, “Konvergenz” sounds coherent and fluent. Most turns within a song are a logical evolution of the main concept behind. And if there is a harsh break, it is well calculated to enrich the special character of a track. So there are no elements on this record that are used form themself. Everything is done for the big picture that forms the unique style of Zeit.

The start of “Nichts” seems quite surprising in the very first moment. More sludge and punk dominate in the beginning, but it turns into a bleak and melancholic black metal track soon. Monotonous and repetitive riffing and cold blastbeats included. Or the more doom driven “TrĂ¼b”, that take a totally different approach in the beginning, illustrates its title: “dull”. It has a bleak and hopeless atmosphere that perfectly fits into the cold and distant overall image Zeit create on this album. Plus this song develops into more playful moments later, reminding a little bit of both Yellow Eyes and Belus.

Where most black metal creates its cold and discomforting atmosphere with reduced elements, repetitive riffs and monotonous beats, Zeit has a different approach as well. Especially the drumming is very versatile. From really fast blastbeats to unusual patterns like in “Latenz” there is a wide range that nevertheless perfectly fits into the atmosphere of “Konvergenz”. Same for the Guitars that manage to coherently mix more playful, post-rock like harmonies with pure black metal melodies or dark sludge grooves. And as a beautiful bonus, the bass has some prominent moments as well. Mostly supporting the other instruments, but contributing some nice melodies on special occurrences.

So “Konvergenz” is no ordinary black metal album. It has a refreshing view on the genre, combining more contemporary elements from post-rock - without ever playing blackgaze -, more dirt from sludge and even some playful melodies into eventful and exciting songs. But always keeping up the bleak and cold atmosphere. There is a lot to discover and enough space to loose yourself in the melodies.

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